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About Me

Khatib Ali is a entrepreneur, salesman, master trainer, author and community leader. A military child born in the Georgia army base Fort Benning, Khatib was forced to move all over the country and attended four different high schools through his teens. He never felt at home in the school setting, showing an entrepreneurial spirit early on by preferring to work and learn independently. As a salesman in the automotive industry, Khatib became one of the top 10 sales professionals in the country and soon after became a regular member of the prestigious President’s Club and a master certified Mercedes Benz salesperson. He has also worked in consulting, recruitment and training, most notably for Warren Buffet’s own Berkshire Hathaway. Devoted to helping others become financially independent, Khatib helps new entrepreneurs along the rocky road to success. He currently lives in Atlanta with his two beautiful daughters.

Fifteen years ago, Khatib Ali was told “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called”. That quote changed his life forever. In Cows Vs Rhinos Khatib reflects on the “qualifications” he’s earned as an experienced entrepreneur and salesman, and shares the strategies, mindsets and tools that no one gets taught in school. Becoming a successful entrepreneur can be a rollercoaster of success and failure that requires resilience and self-belief to ride it out. Taking the advice of so-called “gurus” doesn’t always guarantee progress (and oftentimes slows it down!) but tapping into your ability to conceive great things and bring them into a physical reality will enable you to find your personal brand of success. Cows Vs Rhinos is for anyone who wants to discover their individual power and understand that goals and dreams are there to be accomplished. Once you understand what 3% of the population already know and 97% of the population will never know, you’ll be on your way to financial independence and lifelong success. Cows follow the crowd. Rhinos make their own way. - staff information/ pics/ name /title /bio